Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life for our citizens while protecting our natural resources through the reliable and responsible delivery of clean drinking water and the proper disposal of the community’s solid waste and wastewater.

Our Vision

BCWS will earn, nurture and protect a reputation of unmatched service excellence, fiscal responsibility and environmental stewardship.  Accordingly, we will create a workplace that attracts and retains highly competent professionals dedicated to upholding these high standards.

Our Values

Integrity: The BCWS team of employees pledge to be honest, ethical and caring in all matters, with all people, all of the time.

Professionalism: BCWS commits to accuracy in analysis, objectivity in evaluation and clarity in communication.

Public Trust: BCWS operates as a responsible and transparent utility, effectively manages the resources entrusted to us and will be openly accountable for its decisions, actions and outcomes.

Employees: All employees of BCWS are valued for their service, their ideas and their commitment.  Together we will maintain an environment that encourages innovation, rewards good work and enhances personal well-being.

Customers: BCWS will provide customers and stakeholders with exceptional service delivered with courtesy and respect.

Community Involvement: BCWS chooses to invest in the community by supporting programs that enhance social awareness, civic responsibility and environmental stewardship.