AppendixPDFCAD / DWGRevision
G 02664Water Distribution System Design Criteria09/2021
G 02665Potable Water Mains09/2021
G 02670Water Main Testing and Acceptance09/2021
G 02675Water Main Disinfection09/2021
G 02676New Construction Water Usage09/2021


AppendixPDFCAD / DWGRevision
G 02730Sanitary Gravity Sewer Lines09/2021
G 02731Sanitary Gravity Sewer Line Testing09/2021
G 02732CCTV of Gravity Sewer Lines09/2021
G 02733Sanitary Sewer Force Mains09/2021
G 02734Sanitary Sewer Force Main Testing09/2021
G 02735Sewer System Design Guidlines09/2021

Pump Station

AppendixPDFCAD / DWGRevision
 BCWS Owned Grinder Pump Station09/2021
G 11312Pump Station09/2021
G 16235Engine Generators09/2021
G 16449Pump Control System09/2021