About Us

About Us

Berkeley County Water & Sanitation specializes in potable water distribution, the collection and treatment of waste water, recycling and solid waste disposal. Operating as a self‐supporting public utility, BCWS serves over 40,000 water and sewer customers and over 81,000 solid waste customers.

With a strong belief in customer service, BCWS continuously seeks to provide safe, reliable water and sanitation services at a competitive, non‐profit rate in the spirit of a publicly owned utility. Leading the Lowcountry in green energy innovation, BCWS is aggressively developing a Bio-energy Park to convert selected waste streams into clean, renewable energy.

Quick Facts & Figures

  • BCWS is solely funded by rates and fees
  • Employees: 240
  • Annual operating budget: $53.8 million
  • Current number of Capital Projects: 21
  • Total Assets: $409 million
  • Vehicles: 143
  • Pump Stations: 122
  • Miles of pipe: Approximately 1171
  • Capacity:
    • Waste water: 19 million gallons per day
    • Water: 40 million gallons per day
  • Customers: Approximately 42,798

Last updated Jan. 2015