Forms & Appendices

Forms & Appendices
Appendix Revision
F1 Letter of Intent 09/22/2020
F2 Project Design Information Sheet 06/01/2020
F21 Rates and NPDES Numbers 07/01/2020
F22 Procedures for Permitting Projects with BCWS 07/28/2020
F23 SCDHEC Approved Standard Specifications for Sewer Systems    04/24/2018
F24 SCDHEC Approved Standard Specifications for Water Systems    04/24/2018
F25 BCWS Guidelines for Required Submittals    11/22/2017
F26 New Project Submittal Checklist    06/01/2020
F27 Closeout Submittal Checklist    07/27/2020
F29    Approved Parts List    06/2020
F30 BCWS Plan Submittal Checklist 10/30/2018
  Procedure for Requesting Availability Letters for Building Permits 07/24/2019
  Approved Backflow Testers 11/14/2018