Purchasing is responsible for obtaining requested supplies, equipment and services for Berkeley County Water & Sanitation at the best prices available, consistent with the quality of goods required, in a timely and efficient manner and to ensure that each purchase is made in a legal, ethical and professional manner in compliance with Berkeley County Water and Sanitation’s procurement ordinance and the practices of the procurement profession.

Goals & Objectives

The overall goal of the Purchasing Department is to maintain a continuous supply of goods and services for Berkeley County Water & Sanitation, ensuring delivery of an acceptable quality of goods and services in a timely manner at the best possible price. In order to attain the goals, Purchasing will do the following:

  • To establish an acquisition process created from sound business practices that will support the requirements of Berkeley County Water & Sanitation.
  • To maintain a financially healthy, competitive and reliable base of suppliers, this will provide the materials and services necessary to support Berkeley County Water & Sanitation.
  • To maximize the value of dollars expended by Berkeley County Water & Sanitation on materials and services through the incorporation of technology enhancements and sound pricing philosophies.

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